Hair Straightener

Product Code: MI-HS 1401B

Ceramic-coated plates, new attractive design and “Soft Touch” external coating.


  • External Coating - Plastic
  • Tiles with Ceramic Coating
  • Indicative Operation Light
  • Connector - 2 Pins & Round Connector
  • Cable Length - 1.8 m
  • Temperature 190℃
  • 220–240V / 50Hz 40W
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Hair Straightener by Beckher, product number MI-HS 1401B

The new series comes with an updated maximum temperature of 220℃, up from 190℃ that the previous version could reach. In combination with the ability to choose between 4 different temperature levels — an option not available in the previous version — we now have a feature-complete, competitive product.

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