Beckher Steam

Product Code: MI-BS 5000S

Thanks to its steam pod, the Beckher Steam flat iron hydrates and de-tangles hair, instead of leaving it dry and frail. Once reserved for professionals, now available to everyone.


  • 5 temperature settings (170–210℃)
  • Continuous Vertical Steam Flow
  • Automatically locks after 5 seconds of inactivity
  • Ceramic Plates
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Beckher Steam by Beckher, product number MI-BS 5000S

A revolutionary product at an affordable price.

The Beckher Steam hair-straightening iron and its steam pod on a wooden table with some flowers

By utilizing steam to make the hair more malleable, the Beckher Steam hair-straightener achieves significantly straighter hair, in less time (compared to hair straighteners without steam pods) without dehydrating and damaging the hair.

Professional hair dressers have been using similar devices to give their clients amazing results for years. Until now, such devices have been cost-prohibitive for non-professionals.

This is where Beckher Steam comes in!

A solution for customers who do not want to spend a fortune on a hair styling device, but still need an extra powerful hair straightener.

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The Beckher Steam hair-straightening iron and its steam pod on a marble surface

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