Robotic Wireless Qi Car Charger

Product Code: MI-LCH 2200

The ultimate phone accessory for your car! Keep your hands on the wheel; the BECKHER Wireless Car Charger opens automatically when your phone approaches it, then closes securely around it. With up to 10W of charging power and a sensitive proximity sensor, you can focus on what matters the most — safe driving.


  • 10W or 5W, depending on the power source
  • The brackets on the sides automatically open when the device get close to the sensor, then hold it securely while you’re driving.
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Robotic Wireless Qi Car Charger by Beckher, product number MI-LCH 2200

Don’t waste effort and concentration trying to put plug your phone in and secure it in its holder. Let the BECKHER Car Charger take care of both for you. Just sit back, move your phone towards it, and let it do its thing while you do yours.

It’s hard to describe so take a few seconds to watch the video!

Intriguing, isn’t it?

Grab the attention of visitors and sell more!

Reach out to get the Beckher Car Charger in your stores today.

Beckher Car Charger  MI-LCH 2200 MI-LCH 2200
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